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"I loved it and recommend everyone to read it"your services


I received this book during a difficult time in my life. During my struggle, I found Jen's poems to be peaceful and very inspirational. He writings makes you realize how important you are to yourself and others. Jen makes you feel as if you are in your own little world and every word will be a lasting memory. She shows how she has a deep passion for others and how her own personal life gave her the strength to write this book. I loved it and recommend everyone to read it. 

"Excellent. The author cleary has an inspirational story to communicate."


Excellent. The author clearly has an inspirational story to communicate, and does so beautifully through verse. Gives a new outlook on dealing with adversity. Can't wait for more! 

"Positive affirmations!"


I love that rather than wallowing in self pity and being depressed over the curve ball that was thrown her way . She embraced the challenge, prayed, and found inspiration from the experiences. A positive way to heal the body and help others to be uplifted. 

"Five Stars"


Jen is an amazing writer, with lots to say. Her poetry is very inspiring.

"Great read. Very inspiring and thought provoking"


Great read. Very inspiring and thought provoking. Enjoyed reading this book and hope to see more from the author

"Five Stars"


Refreshing, Inspiring and a pleasure to read. Looking forward to future books!

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"I really love your book."


I like the pictures, they really go well with each poem.  You have a wonderful gift!

"After reading just the first two poems..."


I thought what a whelming thing.  I was impressed on the words and how this truly can help all people; Especially those who are handling things.  I plan on giving this to my grand daughter to read as well.  Thank you Jennifer!"