My Visions, My Truths - Inspirational & Spiritual

My Visions, My Truths - Inspirational & Spiritual

My Visions, My Truths - Inspirational & SpiritualMy Visions, My Truths - Inspirational & Spiritual

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"My Visions, My Truths"      Have you ever experienced life with conflict, constant problems and  situations which resulted in change and emotional turmoil? Life often  throws you into unfamiliar circumstances, leaving you with a lack of  understanding and an overwhelmed feeling of uncertainty for your life.  “My Visions, My Truths” is a collection of poems on how I successfully  made it through my journey with God. Open your heart to these words and  let the past go. Allow this book to foster creativity and grow from  within. Inspire your future. Embrace each message as it resonates down  to the core of your very being. Choose to live your life happily, once again.


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"Road to Recovery – Time to Rebuild” is about rebuilding of you. It represents our struggle to make it through each day. My hope is this book inspires you to remember your struggles; rant about them and then release them to God for him to take care of. In doing this, I hope this will empower and enabling you to be free for your preordained destiny. Order your copy.