My Visions, My Truths - Inspirational & Spiritual

My Visions, My Truths - Inspirational & Spiritual

Author: Jennifer Sinatra Mac Neil


Author: Jennifer Sinatra Mac Neil

My Goal Is To Heal & Inspire

About author Jennifer MacNeil


I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. For more than 20 years, I helped the Buffalo community and served on multiple Boards of Directors. In 2011, I was classified "disabled" but my desire to have an impact and help people is NOT disabled. 

My Faith


My faith has helped me to battle Lupus & Rheumatoid Arthritis while maintaining a positive outlook. Wanting to impact others in a positive way, I wrote a spiritual poetry and photography book which is available on Amazon By Clicking Here

Another Inspiration


I enjoy my time with nature and appreciating God's creation.   Whether it is by the water, in the forest or just looking at my surroundings.  My books do include photography of nature for your enjoyment as well. Amazon By Clicking Here

Published books

"My Visions, My Truths"

Discovering or rediscovering God? Or are you trying to find your Spiritual connection? Look no furth

"My Visions, My Truths" - is spiritual poetry and photography.  This book will inspire you and motivate you to see the silver lining in life. Beautiful waterfalls, sunsets, and scenic photos of peaceful settings line the pages alongside the original poetry. Order Your Copy  Amazon By Clicking Here

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"Road to Recovery"


"Road to Recovery – Time to Rebuild” is about rebuilding of you. It represents our struggle to make it through each day. My hope is this book inspires you to remember your struggles; rant about them and then release them to God for him to take care of. In doing this, I hope this will empower and enabling you to be free for your preordained destiny. Order your copy.    


Upcoming books


Excited to be working on several projects.   

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My Visions, My Truths

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